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Louella WoodHi, I’m Louella, a Registered Naturopath. My passion is to help you obtain optimal health and longevity. I offer a 60 minute full consultation and 30 minute follow up available here at Natural Chemistry Health shop. Wednesday is my current clinic day and we may extend to a second day.

My aim is to provide a relaxed, professional and confidential conversation with you, so that you can share with me your health concerns and needs. I spend time with you to find the cause of your health issues and then advise nutritional, lifestyle and natural supplementation to help you achieve your wellness goals.

I also offer many different health tests, including hormone, digestive and immune function. 

I’m also a qualified Fitgenes practitioner, so I can offer testing /analysis of your genetic profile. Once we have this I can design an individualised treatment plan based on what your unique DNA tells us. This state-of-the-art testing is amazing, as it allows you to recognise where your weaknesses are, to prevent potential health issues in the future.

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