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Focus and Balance

Focus and Balance

Just recently a good friend sent me a link to a video that made me think about focus and balance.

I started to imagine what it would be like to have positive focus and balance in my life and how this would change things for the better.  

I got to wonder, if I had the right focus at work how would that change things for me?  Gosh I guess I could get my systems in place and become more productive. Then I would feel more secure. If I had more balance at work how would that change things for the better? I would have more time to do the things I love and less anxiety. How would that feel,  I asked myself, Greaaaaaat!

Want to play?  Go get a piece of paper and a pen (or use your computer), divide a page into three columns  (landscape size), and follow the steps below.  But first, watch the video.

There are no rules, just empty out your thoughts to gain a fresh perspective.  Trust that your inner core, or higher self or what ever you want to call it, will come up with some positive insight. 

Have fun!

Step One

  1. In the first column list 5 things you are not happy with in your life and want to change. 
  2. Imagine, dream or pretend what it would be like if you applied positive focus and balance to those areas in your life.  What would happen?   How would your life change?  How would you feel? 
  3. Record the outcomes   

Not happy

If  I had the right  positive focus
then what would happen?

If I had balance, then what would happen?


If I focused more on my work rather than getting distracted with the accounting, I could Increase  the turn over.

What would happen? More money.

Feel- Safe and secure

I would be mentally sharper and less tired if there was more balance at work.

What would happen? More enjoyment, satisfaction, purpose. 

Feel- Calm

Need to lose weight and exercise more

With the right focus and motivation I could stick to an eating plan and also plan one day a week to do some exercise.

What would happen?  I could fit into my favourite clothes again.

Feel- Increased self esteem and more energy.

With balance I could stick to a really healthy eating plan during the week and have organic veges etc but allow 1 day a week to have a few drinks and snacks.

What would happen? Then I would stop bingeing.

Feel- I would then feel healthy and better about myself.

Need more money

If I focused on positive affirmations and faith I would attract more money.

What would happen? Spend more on improving the business and home.

 Feel- Successful

If I had a balanced way of thinking about money I wouldn’t obsess and worry about not having it.

What would happen? I would naturally attract it in.



Step Two

Print out the chart and put it in a place where you can see it every day.  Watch the video  when ever you need  inspiration - now there is someone with immense focus and balance.

Step Three

Once you have completed this exercise ask yourself what inspiration has come to you?  What do you feel you could do in your life to create positive changes?  Is there anything getting in the way?  What's it going to take for you to make it happen? 

Step Four

Allow the universe to bring you your desires, wishes or goals through ease grace and flow.


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