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Toxicity in the Modern World

Have you ever wondered why you're taking Magnesium but still getting cramps? Or taking Zinc but still have white spots on your fingernails? Keeping up with your probiotics and still getting digestive problems or Candida? You could have a build up of toxins and heavy metals in your body preventing absorption of vital nutrients and minerals, disturbing your gut flora and enabling bacteria and viruses to set up camp and making you feel unwell.

No matter where or how carefully you live or how well you try to eat, it’s almost impossible to avoid harmful chemicals and toxins, as they are prolific in our modern world. It would be true to say that nearly everyone on the globe has some degree of heavy metal toxicity from air pollution, innoculations, fish, water contamination, amalgam fillings, in-utero exposure and occupational exposure.

It's not only heavy metals contributing to our toxic burden, there are the man-made by-products and pollution from industrial and agricultural activities like BPA’s, PCB’s, Dioxins, Pesticides, Petrochemicals, Artificial sweeteners, Parabens and much much more. In this post we will look at Heavy Metals and XenoEstrogens - the topic is so vast I won't try to cover it all now, so watch for my future Blog posts as I discuss various other toxins in our environment.   Read more  


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