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We Have A Winner

We Have A Winner

Congratulations to Queenie Going the winner of the Natural Chemistry Health Shop Lucky Draw.

All the customers that entered their email details via our website went in to the draw.  Our staff member Ange was nominated to select the winner.  Ange has a very unusual method of selection.  The entrants were not picked out of a hat.   Ange selected the winner using her "do do" intuitive powers and she "felt" the winner by scanning the list with her eyes closed.  Her intuition led her to Queenie's name and email address on the list.

This divine intervention and rather bizarre method of picking a winner has enabled Queenie to come  and collect her prize.  She can now spend a $100 on all sorts of goodies we have here in the store.  Vitamins, minerals, natural cosmetics, hair care, essential oils, gluten free foods - wow - Queenie go for it.

We interviewed Queenie and this is what she had to say-  "When I found out I had won,  I had to be careful not to shout out loudly to my friend as we were in the Library at the time I got the text. I can't believe I have actually won something for a change in my life!  I love shopping at Natural Chemistry because I know I will always get the right advice.  I had Iridology there not so long ago and it was amazing, I found out all sorts of things about my health.  Now I am going to get me something healthy with my gift vouchers."

Thanks to all our entrants and we will be running another competition shortly. 

Thanks for shopping at Natural Chemistry from Leah Cameron and Staff.

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