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Why do we get sick?

Why do we get sick?

Why is it that some people get sick and others don’t? 

There are folk out there who can drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, stay out late, never exercise, eat what they want and never get sick. Then there are others who hardly drink, smoke or stay out late and they exercise regularly, eat plenty of fibre, drink water, watch their diet, but often get sick.

Any ideas?

Unwell woman

Possible reasons why some people don’t get sick;

  • Strong genetic make- up, constitution or metabolic type
  • Tough up-bringing
  • Effective stress coping mechanism 
  • Healthy mental attitude
  • Emotionally stable
  • Physical aptitude- good adrenal glands/immune system/liver detoxification processes 
  • Minimal exposure to vaccinations, diseases, toxins, chemicals and medications
  • Breast fed as a baby
  • Good Karma - clear past life with no cellular clutter
  • Good diet
  • Balance of work and play
  • Following a spiritual life path
  • Lucky

The list goes on and on.

Things that influence dis-ease

As a Practitioner with 30 years of experience in the Natural Medicine field and meeting thousands of people, I understand why people get sick. I was trained to treat the person not the condition. If a person gets sick it’s not about treating their symptoms and labelling their ‘condition’, it’s about looking at them holistically and working out why they created a state of dis-ease and then planning a wellness program to get them back into balance again. Here are some common drivers of dis-ease.

  • Stress - There are numerous types of stress. Inflammation, trauma and toxicity are all forms of stress. There is psychogenic stress arising from mental or emotional processes. There is social stress where interactions with people past and present can effect our well being.
  • Poor Nutrition - A good diet is important and it’s interesting how many people think they are on a good diet until you analyse it for them. Drinking good quality water is also important.
  • Toxicity - It’s important to recognise where the toxins are in our diet, air and water and to be aware of the accumulative effect toxicity has on our bodies. Supporting the natural elimination process and engaging in a regular detox or wellness programme will help to prevent toxic over-load and reduce the incidence of illness.
  • Genetic Make Up - People have genetic predispositions to certain illnesses and if they and don’t look after themselves the risk factors increase. Prevention is the key to avoid getting the same health issues our grandparents and parents had.

Is Stress the main driver of sickness?

It’s pretty obvious that in today’s world stress has reached epidemic proportions. 

But haven’t we always had stress? Over time we’ve had sicknesses like the Black Plague and the 1918 Spanish Flu, plus wars and hostility like the downfall of the Roman Empire and the Spanish Inquisition and various other battles over religion, land or money. 

We’ve always had threats, famine, suffering and poverty –we’re not that worse off. Perhaps as a species we have become weaker and our stress coping mechanism is no longer working because we are all nutrient deficient, toxic and tired.

Each generation seems to be getting weaker and no one’s got the stamina our grandparents had. And, our illnesses have become more sophisticated. It’s no longer Consumption, TB, Diphtheria, Flu, Polio, Small Pox, Fever or Measles that people suffer from, we‘ve progressed to Prolific Cancers, Auto Immune Disorders, Mental Health Issues, AIDS, Motor Neuron Disease, Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Childhood Leukaemia, Autism, Asbergers, ADHD , Rheumatoid Arthritis, Depression, Infertility, Psoriasis and Heart Attacks.

Everyone is on Losec for stomach acid problems, cholesterol lowering drugs, heart medications, selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors and other anti depressants, sleeping tablets, Viagra or hormone replacement therapy.

Is Toxicity the cause of sickness?

Well it’s no wonder so many people are taking medications when you consider the effects of ‘chemicalization of the planet’ . We are not getting the nutrients we need because our world is full of chemicals and toxins.

Look at our food sources – irradiated spices, genetically engineered crops, excess sugar, refined processed foods, preservatives, colourings, sulphites, nitrates, salicylates, harmful chemical packaging and manufacturing processes, contaminated seeds, sprayed fruits and vegetables and then there is depleted soils, polluted air and water, chem trails, vaccinations, heavy metal toxicity, radiation, geopathic stress, social drugs, medications, agricultural and industrial toxic by-products...... it goes on and on. 

Put that together with stress and there’s a cocktail for disaster.


So, here’s the thing. If we’re all experiencing some sort of stress whether it be psychogenic, toxicity, trauma, inflammation, chemicalization or whatever, how come some of us get sick and some of us don’t? 

As a species we’re equipped to adapt to our environment. We have ways to survive amidst the stress, chaos and chemicals. Our bodies know how to filter and process toxins, our immune system has a superior intelligence, we have great healing and recuperative ability, so what is it? 

Why did diseases like the Black Plague kill some people and not others? Does natural selection take out the weak and spare the strong? What makes someone weak in the first place? Are they born weak or do they become weak over time? Nature versus Nurture? 

Consider the effects prolonged stress has on a person.

Someone who has experienced hardship for a long time. A life full of regret, grief, resentment, anger, anxiety, frustration, heart ache, missed opportunities, misfortune, loss, struggle and worry together with poor self worth, lack of drive, no will power, no motivation and inability to change a mind set will cause unhappiness and stress – sounds sickening doesn’t it?


So maybe that’s what it is? Unhappiness = Sickness.

You can go ahead and do regular cleansing and detoxifying, take supplements, have colonics, drink good water, exercise, study, diet, run, meditate, have coaching, take holidays, pray, dance, sing, fire walk, attend a sweat lodge, go to a health retreat, get regular body treatments, drink, party, gamble, play, make money..... but if it’s not making you happy... then what’s the point.

Struggling and grumbling will eventually get you down and lower your resistance. That’s when you get sick. The sickness will vary depending on your genetic make-up and how well you have looked after yourself nutritionally, emotionally and physically. It’s not rocket science.

I think sickness comes when a person is out of balance – for example;

  • not in a loving relationship
  • working at a job they despise cos they need the money
  • giving too much and not receiving
  • not loving themselves enough
  • not knowing how to nurture themselves properly with good food, water and healthy stuff 
  • living in an unhealthy environment that’s damp, cold, run down or depressing
  • putting up with people they don’t like
  • stuck in poverty consciousness
  • too much struggle in their lives

Happiness check list

Here’s a quick checklist to see if you are experiencing happiness in your life.

Are you –

  • With your dream partner or soul mate?
  • Working in your chosen vocation?
  • Living in a harmonious and healthy environment?
  • Living and behaving as your authentic self?
  • Doing the things you really love to do?
  • Getting regular recreation?
  • Experiencing a frequent joy factor in your life?
  • Aware of any reason or purpose for being alive?
  • Learning and practising the art of positive thinking?
  • Giving and receiving love?
  • Eating good food?
  • Drinking clean water?
  • Taking regular supplements?
  • Writing out a regular gratitude list?
  • Practising the art of letting go?
  • Exercising and moving your body?
  • Getting regular massage or some sort of pampering?
  • Practising or discovering the spiritual aspects of life?

Choose to be happy. Remember No one or No thing can make you happy, it’s up to you to create it yourself.

If you don’t know how to manifest happiness just start by putting your attention on it, every day in some small way. Imagine how it would be. Dream a little. Practise makes perfect.

Wherever you put your attention - becomes your reality.

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